Fixtures for catenaries and optic fibers

Fixtures for the electric transfer grid, medium and low voltage

1. Consoles for steel lattice poles

2. Anchoring bolts and fixtures for foundations

3. For suspension of tensioning elements for insulated twisted wires:

• Pin with an eye

• Pin with full threading

• Hook of the zip-tie type

4. Consoles. Transitional consoles with straight and reverse fixer, with and without sectioning, interim with direct and reverse fixer, et. al. are manufactured. Depending on the requirements and the wishes of the customer, they are secured with a hot galvanizing or electroplating, or a three-layer cover using special paint according to RAL.

5. Cross bars. Cross bars with clamping diameter from Ø 130 to Ø 500 to ferroconcrete, multi-walled or pipe metal poles for the catenary are manufactured. Electroplated (BDS EN ISO 4042) or hot galvanized cover (BDS EN ISO 1461) is provided.

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