Recycling of switches and parts for switches. After recycling the run-in switches, which are unsuitable to use, or elements of which are faulty, we provide our clients with suitable to use switches, which could even be used for main railway tracks. The following crucial processes are performed during recycling:

1. Dismantling and cleaning of the separate elements;

2. Non-destructive test, measurement and evaluation of the parts’ condition;

3. Replacement of unrecoverable parts;

4. Recovery of worn parts by overlay welding;

5. Mechanical processing of the overlay welded parts;

6. Non-destructive test;

7. Installation of separate elements and inspection of dimensions according to drawings;

8. Replacement of switch bolts and other fastening elements with new ones.

The Company also has relevant experience in recycling switches with high-manganese dog drivers. The Company provides a thirty-six month guarantee period for repaired switches and parts for switches, subject to their correct installation and operation.

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