Restoration of design speed in curve sections

As the result of a long-standing operation it has been found that problematic sections of the railroad are the curve sections with low radius (<300 m). The majority of faulty fastenings are the cause for non-regulated expansion of the railroad. To solve this issue, a patented technology for reducing the wheel gauge to its nominal limits has been developed, not requiring replacement of the existing sleepers with new sleepers, and instead only reworking the hard railway fastening into a new and elastic railway fastening. For this purpose, new railway fastening structures have been developed, new specialized technologies have been created, and new tools for the installation of the fastening in the railroad have been put in use. The new structural alternatives find application in low-radius curves for railroads, built using ferroconcrete and wooden sleepers.

The application of the DENDRIT technology is performed during regular operation, and does not require long-term suspension of traffic, and any suspension takes up several hours during the day, within the term of “the window of opportunity”.

In 2009, in several problematic sections, the Company DENDRIT has reduced the wheel gauge to the nominal limits. For two years, these sections have been observed by experts of the State Enterprise “National Railway Infrastructure Company”, and then the company received a permit for treating the compromised fastenings in other problematic sections of the railroad

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