Steel lattice poles

The Company has structural documents for the full range of steel lattice poles for the catenary used in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. According to a request by the client, welded /monolithic/ structures or structures using separate units, with an option for onsite installation, using high-strength bolt connections can be manufactured. Different types of protective cover are used:

• hot galvanizing – BDS EN ISO 1461:2000;

• electroplating – BDS EN ISO 4042;

• anticorrosive cover of another type;

The manufacture of the steel lattice poles is completed using special stands, which ensures the required straightness and precision. The welds are completed by highly-qualified welders. Their quality is controlled using ultrasound fault detection. Steel lattice poles for the power transfer grid are also manufactured – for low and medium voltage grids, and mountings for said steel lattice poles.

Стълб_ЖР стулб_гара

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